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Design Your Own - Waist Leash, Hands Free Convertible Biothane Leash Set

DogDog Goose

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Hardware Finish:
Leash Length:
No. of Leash Attachments:

Do you run with your dog? Or do you simply prefer to walk with your hands free? Either way, this convertible waist leash combo will definitely do the trick - with three fastening points along the belt, you can position your dog right where you want them (or walk multiples if you're feeling ambitious)! There are also lots of places to clip extra gear like waste bag holders, treat pouches, or your keys. The leash portion can also detach and be used as a regular, hand-held leash.

Made of durable, waterproof synthetic biothane material with durable hardware, this leash is sturdy enough for even the toughest canines! Design has been thoroughly swim, tug, scratch, roll-in-mud tested on my spotted canine. All metal hardware components carry a lifetime warranty.

Regular Leash Length:
When attached to the belt: 35"
When used as a hand-held leash: 28"
Leash Width: 3/4"

Long Leash Length:
When attached to the belt: 50"
When used as a hand-held leash: 43"
Leash Width: 3/4"

No. of Leash Attachments:
Walking two dogs at once? Have the option to add an extra leash attachment to your Waist Leash setup!
Please note this quantity refers to the number of leash attachments only, and only one belt will be included - if you need a second belt, please add an entire second Waist Leash item to your cart.

Width: 1"
Lengths: 30 - 38", 34 - 42". 38 - 46", 42 - 50"
**Belt lengths are listed as the length of the belt itself on each of the available settings - when measuring for your size, please allow room for clothing/jackets, etc. for a comfortable fit. Measure your waist where you would like to wear the belt when in use.



- Biothane is a synthetic material composed of an embossed "leather-like" PVC outer layer and a nylon core. It is waterproof and stinkproof which is great for dogs who love to swim, and the colour will remain bright for years to come. 

- Biothane can be cleaned with warm water and soap, or a cloth with a dab of rubbing alcohol. Care instructions are included with every item when shipped. In rare events, a small amount of colour transfer to the fur is possible, however it is non-hazardous and will clean with soap and water.

- Colours may vary from the photographs as each monitor will show colours differently. 

- All metal hardware components carry a lifetime warranty - in the rare event of a failure, just contact the shop and replacement parts will be sent out.

Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or special requests prior to purchasing.

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