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Our Story

Who We Are

Woman seated in grassy field with her dogs - a Dalmatian and a brindle mixed breed.
I am Lauren, the main face behind DogDog Goose!
We are a small, family-run business based in Lumby, BC. My husband Brady and I live with our two dogs and rigorous product testers, Luci (Dalmatian) and Toro (Pit/Mastiff). We craft all of our in-house products by hand in our homebased workshop. While I am still in charge of most of the day-to-day operations of DDG (if you're ever reaching out to us via email or DM, it's me on the other end of the line!), Brady has recently joined the team on a much larger scale, handling material sourcing and procurement, packaging design, and assisting with in-house manufacturing. During the pandemic, my mom Heidi also joined the team full-time from Calgary, AB and took over our textile work, crafting all of our beautiful flannels, bandanas, waste bag holders, and scrunchies!
Man and woman crouching with two dogs - brindle mixed breed and Dalmatian.

How We Started

In 2011, we had enrolled a young Luci in training and were having great success using a martingale collar on her - the only problem was, everything that we could find in our local pet stores was hard to adjust, not very durable, attractive, or user friendly, and just not fulfilling our needs.
Cut to a few months down the road when I decided to make my own - my goal was to create a collar that was rugged, long-lasting, easy to use and aesthetically beautiful. And the DogDog Goose martingale was born! I began selling my collars in early 2012 while attending University. Over the years as popularity grew, I was able to grow the brand, design many new products and accessories, and take DDG on full time. After 7 years of daily use, we finally retired and framed Luci's original leather martingale in a shadowbox in my workshop - not out of necessity, but because it deserved to be showcased!

Our Goal

In a world where "fast fashion" dominates and everything is cheap and disposable, I have made it my goal to create lasting, quality products. I have spent time sourcing durable materials that can withstand anything your dog throws at them, and I have crafted a lifetime hardware warranty to back it up. I make strong efforts in my workshop everyday to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics and eliminate as many waste by-products as possible. Almost all of the off-cut material produced is saved and re-purposed towards other DDG products. Our bandanas allow us to both support local rescue efforts by donating proceeds to various rescue organizations (DDG Rescue Series Bandanas) as well as work together with talented artisans and illustrators to promote collaboration over competition in the small business world (DDG Artisan Series Bandanas).
DogDog Goose products are designed and built to join you and your dog on all of life's journeys. So go - head out on your next grand adventure with four paws in tow - and take us with you!
Dog standing underneath blue bike, looking up at man riding bike.
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